Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just some updates from where I left off

A Nice Life

                                  I had to put the trucking on the back burner 
Due to some health concerns with my brother, but I found another job it's full time plus over time, and now I have a nice little jeep.

                      Also there is a girl who works at one of the stores here. I have a crush on her.

                         Now there is also a dream of a 350 Chevy m body with a cold air intake and a bigger exhaust, preferably a 
Monte Carlo.

                        I guess I picture myself working my ass off 
doing my gaurd job and taking classes at the Junior colleague, I'm thinking business admin or something along those lines. 

                          So in the end I'm looking at a car a job a girl   
Since I have been in paso I haven't really had the urges to dress up 
Though sometimes my Anima takes over. She will usually pop in when I'm tired. Unfortunately I still haven't found the time or place to let her find a static place in my life so she fleets through every now and then. 

                         Another cool thing going on is me and my family going through with my restaurant idea. If it works out the way I vission it to be. I will be able to just open a direct deposit and go back to Israel and kick my feet up. 

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