Saturday, July 21, 2012

W.T.F. Planet earth W.T.F. humanity

                                                                                       Hi Humanity I have this burning question it's been going on in my brain for awhile now. What The Fuck guys seriously come on now we can do better than this. We Have an Asshole in Syria massacring his own people, We got some assholes In Beijing and Moscow sitting around saying let him continue.

                                                                                      We Have a group of children attacking a Grandmother insulting an elder, not stam but insulting an Old Lady until she cries It has me pissed off. When I was a child and I insulted someone my mother would beat my ass that's just how it was.
Only today's generation gets to do these sort of things, well  because apparently beating peoples ass's only does more damage.

I don't know though. Maybe if that dude in Colorado would have got his ass beat a little more
he wouldn't be on no gumpy ass schizo tard shit like dying his hair and shooting up the movie theater.

                                                                                I'm just giving a warning if I end up shooting your children it's not me it's you assholes that are to selfish to beat your kids when they need it. I'm just saying if little Timmy fuck with me cause you didn't teach him better I'm putting his ass down. Cause the world may go all clock work orange but I don't play that shit.

Friday, July 20, 2012

My New apartment/and the revelation of my secret admirer

                                           Well I got tired of waiting for the bastards of the municipality to
kick me out on my ass. So I took initiative and organized a new place for myself. At my new place I ran into the woman that complimented me about my fillets. She didn't give a damn about my fish, she only wanted my dick. I would have obliged her but she left such a stench in the freezer that when ever I see her I want to throw up. She left me a bunch of shit on the porch too......what was it a bunch of cloths normally I love free shit, but that freezer every time i open it it smells like G-d damn really thats the only way I can put it. Really I wear my fucking gas mask when I open up the freezer so Yeah fuck her and her cloths.

                                            In other news I'm looking forward to visiting the United States again.
I hope to put in some foot work this trip. I would like to find a job so I can work of my debt here in Israel a little faster. The only viable thing I have thought of so far is driving truck. I figure If I drive truck, and live like shit for a few years I would have enough money to do nurse school and rent an apartment when I come back. Plus when I'm driving I can dress however the fuck I want and no one will say shit because I'll be inside my truck. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Dream last night

                                                                               Last night I had a dream, It was night time
I was standing next to a lake. I was with a girl I picked her up into my arms and started to carry her home.
She kissed me and told me I was sweet for carrying her home. I Only wish it could have been real if anyone has an interpretation let me know

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I found a store/ The fourth arm

                                                        I'm pretty happy I finally found a store where I can buy pretty things.
I got measured there It turns out I'm actually a 42c That's pretty good for a natural set on a dude especially because i'm not so fat. My cousins wife took me there and helped me out with my bra education. I saw they also sell panties there. I think I will buy a few pairs so I can wear them under my clothes. I figure if a buy a size too big there will be room for My junk.

                                                        Being the person I am and seeing the things I have seen.
Today I was taking a leak when I noticed something interesting on My dong. Some of the veins on my penis form the Hebrew letter shin. It usually Has three arms. Kabbalisticly The three arms are associated with the three fathers Abraham Issac and Jacob. There is also another way we write the shin, that is with four arms
It is used The four arms are associated with the Four mothers. I don't know if G-d is playing a joke or what.
I'm very serious when I say my prayers in the morning. I always ask for two things if you can guess awesome, if not than I think you need to read my blog more.