Friday, July 20, 2012

My New apartment/and the revelation of my secret admirer

                                           Well I got tired of waiting for the bastards of the municipality to
kick me out on my ass. So I took initiative and organized a new place for myself. At my new place I ran into the woman that complimented me about my fillets. She didn't give a damn about my fish, she only wanted my dick. I would have obliged her but she left such a stench in the freezer that when ever I see her I want to throw up. She left me a bunch of shit on the porch too......what was it a bunch of cloths normally I love free shit, but that freezer every time i open it it smells like G-d damn really thats the only way I can put it. Really I wear my fucking gas mask when I open up the freezer so Yeah fuck her and her cloths.

                                            In other news I'm looking forward to visiting the United States again.
I hope to put in some foot work this trip. I would like to find a job so I can work of my debt here in Israel a little faster. The only viable thing I have thought of so far is driving truck. I figure If I drive truck, and live like shit for a few years I would have enough money to do nurse school and rent an apartment when I come back. Plus when I'm driving I can dress however the fuck I want and no one will say shit because I'll be inside my truck. 

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