Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I found a store/ The fourth arm

                                                        I'm pretty happy I finally found a store where I can buy pretty things.
I got measured there It turns out I'm actually a 42c That's pretty good for a natural set on a dude especially because i'm not so fat. My cousins wife took me there and helped me out with my bra education. I saw they also sell panties there. I think I will buy a few pairs so I can wear them under my clothes. I figure if a buy a size too big there will be room for My junk.

                                                        Being the person I am and seeing the things I have seen.
Today I was taking a leak when I noticed something interesting on My dong. Some of the veins on my penis form the Hebrew letter shin. It usually Has three arms. Kabbalisticly The three arms are associated with the three fathers Abraham Issac and Jacob. There is also another way we write the shin, that is with four arms
It is used The four arms are associated with the Four mothers. I don't know if G-d is playing a joke or what.
I'm very serious when I say my prayers in the morning. I always ask for two things if you can guess awesome, if not than I think you need to read my blog more. 

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