Saturday, July 21, 2012

W.T.F. Planet earth W.T.F. humanity

                                                                                       Hi Humanity I have this burning question it's been going on in my brain for awhile now. What The Fuck guys seriously come on now we can do better than this. We Have an Asshole in Syria massacring his own people, We got some assholes In Beijing and Moscow sitting around saying let him continue.

                                                                                      We Have a group of children attacking a Grandmother insulting an elder, not stam but insulting an Old Lady until she cries It has me pissed off. When I was a child and I insulted someone my mother would beat my ass that's just how it was.
Only today's generation gets to do these sort of things, well  because apparently beating peoples ass's only does more damage.

I don't know though. Maybe if that dude in Colorado would have got his ass beat a little more
he wouldn't be on no gumpy ass schizo tard shit like dying his hair and shooting up the movie theater.

                                                                                I'm just giving a warning if I end up shooting your children it's not me it's you assholes that are to selfish to beat your kids when they need it. I'm just saying if little Timmy fuck with me cause you didn't teach him better I'm putting his ass down. Cause the world may go all clock work orange but I don't play that shit.

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