Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back In the USA

                                                       Well I'm back in america thank G-d.
I'm currently trying to put my life back together here in the states. 
I already hit up the social services, Now It's Just getting my drivers license and than getting a job. Once I have those things under wraps I will start schooling for my G.E.D. once I have my G.E.D., its off to be a L.V.N. 

                                                  I'm already starting to feel the pressures from my family.
One part is staunch republican one part is hippie dippie democrat. They each have what they wan't for me. Of course Like always I'm Just a being in between  
if I were to be a staunch anything it would be a libertarian. 

                                                   In other good news I found out there is a Lane Bryant 
nearby at the moment I'm living rent free again so when I get my first pay check I think I will take my anima there.  

                                                     In other news I bought for my Animus a new cologne 
Dolce Gabana light blue for men, I recomend it.

                                                      In case any of you were wondering what happened to the abandoned school the municipality finally got the balls to kick people out, but only the top floor.  So now my friend is squatting in another part of the school complex. 

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