Friday, September 7, 2012

Walla Karasho


                                       Walla Karasho

                                    Things are great I just completed my security guard card course, and I got my drivers permit. So I'm moving forward with less resistance, and of course I'm hitting up every office that gives out free stuff.
"if your not waking up in the morning to screw the system, than I don't know what your waking up for"

I have been having interesting times too. Weather it's hanging out in north long beach and getting a hood pass.
Just for the record my hood pass is irrevocable because well the hood is where I learned to walk and talk it was where my first conscious or coherent moment was held. Of course I have been hitting up the strip clubs too because......I love dem strippers yeah I love dem strippers, and If your a feminist and you got a problem with it... shut the fuck up it's a fair deal and its consensual and if the Dancer has a problem with the way she makes her money all she has to do is  stop dancing and find another job.

 I have also grown a bigger pair hitting up department stores to by my fem clothes and walking over to the men's dressing room with them.  Or waiting in line at the rite aid with a bunch of make up. Lets just say it doesn't mean I'm a pussy, It means I don't give a damn. I just do what I want to. I do what feels good for me, without being concerned about conventional norms or other peoples thoughts or words.

                               I also went to my first event every Tuesday is T-girl Tuesday  at hamburger Mary's
so I hit it up. It was fun I think it will  be better once I dress up and dance. There of course that will be my reward after I get a car and my own place.

                               Why are things going so good?you might ask...well I went to see a bruja the j is a h
it means witch in Spanish she read my palms and pretty much described my personality and my life.
Than she described my pain of me not doing or being what I want, she described all the anxiety that came with it. Well now I see it's not worth living my life if I cant enjoy it without fear or what ever.

                                The Bruja even spoke further about a curse put on me and my parents by someone in the family. I didn't know I had occultist's in the family. Still I find it hard to believe someone put a curse on me. Either way Things have started to get better.

                              I have decided to go forward with the nurse Ideal, but not for the money.
I want to do it so I can be in a position to help people and so I can promote the ideals of preventative medicine. I decided this when I saw a man on the street. He was obese and his legs were rotting off. I saw he was homeless and he was using botanica or bruja oils to heal himself. It made me wan't to cry. It made me think about one of my friends who recently passed on from diabetes. I guess my only way of exacting vengeance is through the medical field.

                                       Every person I  help will be another victory against the corn lobby with thier poisonous high fructose corn syrup, every woman I recommend a book too will be a victory against the medical industry that
poisons them with their cancer causing overdosing, and their acts of repressing the womb.
Every person I help will be a victory for me and my goal of helping humanity and Loving my G-d because in the end we are all facets of one G-d we are all a part of each other we are all just G-d condensed to manifest a noun, and Yes even strippers and people who love them are a part of G-d so peace.



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