Friday, September 14, 2012

Second thoughts

                                                                      So I have been hanging out with my mom and my little brother lately.  I told my mom a while ago on the phone she said she was cool with it......well, now there are a bunch of second thoughts. I think she has rescinded her pass.

                                                                      Oh well I've explained it to her like four times already, but she keeps trying to find some stupid trigger or ulterior reason as to why I do what I do. I have decided to just give up on explaining to her I have always felt this way. Since well since I could remember, weather I was only wearing dress's at the dress up station in preschool, or fantasizing about being a girl when I would lay in my bed at night after school. Well she doesn't believe me and she has decided to white wash my life.

                                                                    I really don't give a fuck what she thinks about it anymore though. Like I said I ran out of fuck awhile ago. Honestly since I stopped fighting these feelings and just started rolling with them I have been allot less angry allot less stressed out, Like it's been shown in generations past. People don't like convention being messed with, but  feel like saying this to convention"fuck you convention fuck you in your repressive ass I hope you fucking die" anyhow now that I got that out the way I'm gonna go practice driving so I'll write again some time.

Oh and a shout out to Carla from the hot springs last night I didn't tell you this to your face but I like your tits they were very nice and I dozed off thinking about them last night, and really I hope things work out for you in Switzerland.

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