Monday, September 24, 2012

Well the Hebrew day of Judgement is tommorow

                                                       Okay today I'm calling people out on their stuff.
I'll start with the American people there are no jobs because nobody wants to pay you the amount you need to maintain the lifestyle you expect. Instead Some other assholes will do what the big assholes need for less  a three bedroom and two bath with a few cars and a white picket fence. So The big assholes decided to ship all the jobs out because they didn't want to raise wages, and even if they did raise wages. It wouldn't really work because than everything would inflate because the guy who harvest's the raw materials is gonna wan't more money just like the guy who manufactures said product so the guy who buys the said product is going to have to work more, to pay the guy out there harvesting and the guy inside building said product, and because the guy buying want's said product the guy paying him will have to pay him more so he can have said product.

                                                        This little circle has now gone global because now everyone has started to live better. So now everyone is trying to keep up with the Jones's in other words the B.R.I.I.C. nations have a middle class now. So now they need more service based jobs and now they are sending manufacturing jobs overseas too. Now another group of nations can start developing and  eventually become an inflated consumer nation too.
                                                        This is capitalism this is how it works. Eventually in order to re-sett the whole thing things have to fall apart in other words things have to crash. After things crash everyone or most people go broke. After that wages go down and so do living standards. after That industry develops again and living standards rise again. This is what I would like to call a capitol reset in other words The natural course of capitalism. It's the only way because we no longer hold the dollar to a gold or silver standard.

                                                         Moving on now Most Democrats or Republicans
You guys are a bunch of fucking Hippocrates. You stand around beating a drum about helping out the less fortunate and all that good stuff, but when it comes down to it, would rather shirk the responsibility or mitzva if you would rather. Why because well the government or someone else should do it. Well if thats really the case and everybody else should do it than you need to shut the fuck up because nobody likes a guy who talks but doesn't get dirty with the rest of us.  In other words if you assholes really loved America you wouldn't play king of the hill. It would be more important for you to work together so our nation could prosper and move forward. If you call yourself a democrat or a republican and you drive green cars or you shoot guns and support doing business  in America props if you just wanna have control than maybe you should just stop.
                                                         Moving on Big ass Oil companies
Who the fuck are you to hold back the rest of humanity so you can keep selling your product? You have the money make the investments buy the technologies. Or should we keep polluting and destroying the planet so our children will be left with nothing. Maybe it's time to divest from the middle east, maybe it's time to not have a pillar of the global economy tied to such a volatile area. Or do you relish the fact that the simple man or unfortunate sons send their children there to keep the oil pumping, Or to keep the gas flowing.

                                                         Moving on   Pharmaceutical Corporations and Government collaboration. Hi you think I wouldn't mention you or your nasty little deeds huh. Flashback 1994
a new drug just came out on the market you bastards collaborated together and tested these medications on the children of the poor. So now there are people with neurological damage"why I walk funny why I twich sometimes ", gynecomastia or man boobs, higher cholesterol, and higher blood pressure. You guys are responsible for damage done to many many people. You guys are responsible for many many years taken off of peoples lives. You put chemicals on developing brains which affected the development of these brains permanently. You extorted mothers into poisoning there own children because if they didn't you would take away the children and poison them your selves.

You poisoned women by overloading their system with synthetic estrogen. Your oppression of the womb and the female sexuality has resulted in weight gain, Depression, lowered sex drive and an increased rate of cancer
I guess only someone evil could sit back and let these things happen to women and children.

                                                          Moving on The F.D.A.
aside from letting the pharma assholes destroy our population, you let the cornballs do it too with high fructose corn syrup which dissolved the liver. Wow you assholes should have put a warning out there about the corn syrup. Oh no you guys on on the lobbies pay roll. The news mongers fear about a country that will be 44 percent obese in the next 7 years. I reckon we started on that whole movement in 1977 when we made it cost prohibitive to use sucrose sugar. Well you have served the country well I applaud you corn farmers making their money drug company's and the medical industry making their money and well with obesity comes a higher mortality rate so you got the Funeral industry making their money. oh and of course the whole world really loves the stereotype of the fat American.

                                                           I guess I had to say all of that because Yom Kippur is coming
and I guess being a part of G-d or one of the facets on the Diamond I.E. everything which in reality is G-d  makes me feel that I can pass these judgments.

                                                           So think about these things and talk about them
who knows maybe one of the above mentioned Assholes will change their ways hell myself included in that list  

                                                           If you got any doubts about my claims don't be lazy empower yourself and educate yourself, hell maybe you will prove me wrong


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