Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Politics is Like pizza

These Days just like other days in America are pretty much the same.
We have two parties....Two parties our parents and grandparents supported.
Two parties who have seen ups and downs. Two parties who have stood idle, 
while The American reality was tampered with by lobbyists and big business. 
They not only stood idle some of them have actually helped to bring America where it is now.

Tradition dictates that we, the new generation have to decide which one of these 
parties"the same who have helped screw up the America we were left with" is to take control of the white house again.  

My question is how come people aren't fed up. 
Why do we give these assholes a pass. 
they have proven to be ineffectual they have proven to be a bad choice.
Why is America resigned to only these two groups of assholes.

Shit I mean if the normal two pizza places kept fucking up 
your order you would go and find a third pizza place.
What I'm trying to say is I want a new pizza.
I want a different party in power because these fuckers have 
proven that they don't really have all of Americas best interest's at heart. 

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