Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Selected patient

Well I'm back and better than ever.
I have allot of good things going for me right now. 
My G.E.D. is almost here I scored well over passing on everything except math. 
I got my learners permit for driving My security guard license came through, I'm waiting for the postal service to hurry up right now I'm only on the database. 

Yet it seems there are relatives out to sabotage my ship. 
They wind me up and than when my fuse gets eat up and I explode they run and tell on me 
to Bubbie and Ziede. So now I'm the bad guy, thats ok though 
because G-d see's everything so when you place stumbling blocks before your fellow, He notes
it and than when it's time to collect he demands payment. So they can play games and pretend 
like they fear G-d, they can follow the commandments and act like saints 
but G-d knows the truth and in the G-d will collect the answers 

As far as I go I will stay on my path of success.  so now I leave you with this song. 

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