Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My views on the war in the middle east, and the fall out

Ok I'm sure many people have their opinions about the war.
It's been going on a long time. Me I lived in Israel for six years.
I served in the military there. I lived in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the West bank.
I have had friends from every tribe living in the land.

One, the war is perpetuated to keep populations under control.
That's what war is. The crusades were a way to kill off the peasants.
The Jihads of the day are to keep the minds of the fellaheen"peasants in Arabic"
from turning on their respective dictators. The Israeli army is used as a tool
to indoctrinate the population into being controlled.

Two,war is just another hustle a way for the big guys to swindle the little guys.
when there is war there is money to be made.
I'm talking weapons munitions uniforms fuel food r&d. 
When there are six permanent members of the u.n. security council 
who also happen to be the biggest arms dealers in the world you get the idea.
Like how Israel and egypt get geared up by America now as well as Turkey and Greece.
well they are armed to fight each other, and they keep buying new arms to keep up with each other.
Look into it.

Three, Arabs and the fall out they have gotten.
When I was at a low point in my life. A friend of mine named Hyman,
a man I smoked hashish and played cards with, a man I broke bread with, a man I partied 
with. Also an Arab hooked me up with a job and taught me how to lay tile. 
This was after I walked the streets of Tel Aviv and hit up every place I saw Looking for a job.
I had holes in my shoes and I cut two notches in my belt from all the weight I lost, my neighbors would give me money to go buy bread, thats how much weight I lost. 
I wasn't starving mind you, but I wasn't eating so well or taking bus's.

Well I new Hyman was a good man,but because there were a bunch of idiots
who hurt other people because of their extremest ideologies, the security at the bus station wouldn't give him a break. 

The same with another friend who was a d.j. who would take me to shows and hook me up 
with drinks. 

I guess being born and raised in America I didn't have to live with old world bullshit.
I played basketball at school with people like Achmed,Sheruk and Mohamed 
I sat and read books with people like Usama, and when 9'11 happened 
I told Achi"Achmed if any one gives you trouble give me a holler. 

Well I went to Israel I joined the military I did my thing, I came back to America 
 I put my Israeli military experience on my resume.
I apply for a job at seven eleven, well soon after that I'm a killer 
and a pig and they make sure that I see the headlines of the war 
when I buy my coffee. 

I go to a cafe owned by some Lebanese 
I have a friend who died fighting hizbullah in Lebanon 
I hear rumors that the hash they send over the border has asbestos and adalin"a drug to get junkies of herion"
mixed with it, but this is America and all that old world bullshit 
stays over there in the Old world. 
So I clear my mental of all the old world bullshit,because they didn't kill my friend
and they didn't poison my drugs. 
The people at the cafe are nice and they make really good coffee.

So there it is I don't agree with the war. I don't like the fall out it brings people I don't like being called killer or pig. Just Like I'm sure Hyman doesn't like getting extra scrutiny at the bus station,but
until humanity gets a clue this is how things are gonna be. 
Until humanity gets a clue every tribe will fight and every Man will have an obligation to his tribe.
As long as there is war there is injustice and there is warriors killing each other and Innocent people
dead as collateral damage that's war that's how it always will be, and as long as there are people
shooting missiles into Israel there will be Israelis Retaliating.  
I resent that fact, and I resent all the governments and the Extremists who perpetuate 
this bullshit, but I will all ways advocate for people to defend themselves especially
 I know the numbers and I now that tit for tat and how tired it is getting,
but after negotiating for nearly twenty years what other option is there?
On the real ask your self can I negotiate and compromise for twenty years
with the same group of people and end up back at the starting point with every concession?
Would I have the patience to deal with that?
If the answer Is yes I find it hard to believe.
If the answer is no than I reckon your as normal as any other man
and there's nothing wrong with it.

In short if anybody Thinks I'm part of the hive mind
or that I'm hating on Arabs it's not true.
I hate Hizzbullah I hate Hammas I hate Fatah 
and all those other assholes.
I hate people who listen to too much Immortal Technique or Lupe Fiasco
and than think they know whats going on.
 You assholes picking a side in a fight you have no connection to
other than a rap record or one sides propaganda
only encourages and perpetuates  more bullshit.
I Hate the West and The soviets for fighting their war with 
other people in other countries. I hate the notion  
of a savior coming down from the sky to enslave humanity, and make the world a country club for
fill in the blank there are many guilty parties.

I hate the Idea of G-d telling one group of people that the kingdom of heaven 
will be built on the death or repression of others. Or that only one path leads to 
G-d. I know it's bullshit if that was so, than why is there many ways to get to staples center 
or many ways to get to grandmas house?

If Man is created In G-d's image than don't you think heaven would be accessible
like any other place, i.e. in what ever way gets you there 
In which ever way lets you take the ethical high ground.

That's another thing I will get into some other time, why it's easy to 
do rituals but drop ethical teachings. If you do the rituals but you don't take 
on the ethical ways than your way with religion is like necrophilia.


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