Sunday, December 16, 2012

What have we learned/Wow I think I'm off the whole need for my anima manifest

                                                            In The bible they spoke of a city
a city where they had a special bed for guest's. If said guess was too short they would stretch him out,
If said guess was too tall they would cut him down to size.
It seems that figuratively keep catching people trying to put me in this bed. 
It gets irritating after a while. 

Of course I'm sure many of you have experienced this bed.
I'm sure many of you don't like it, that's understandable . 
The question is what do you do to escape from said reality.
In truth fantasy is wonderful but it will never get you out of the bed.

Me I got plans and I have taken action. So soon my friends real soon 
I will be sleeping in a normal bed with a big old down blanket.

So aside from education, I have another Idea/action I'm going to add 
to the construction of my proverbial ship. Autosuggestion ! 
Everyday I'm going to wake up and look in the mirror, Everyday I'm 
going to tell my reflection whats going to be. 

Weather I Tell myself 
I"m going to be happy 
I'm going to be independent
I'm going to be wealthy 
I'm going to be healthy
I'm going to get over all my setbacks and hang ups 
I'm going to find friends 
I'm going to find a girlfriend 
I'm going to execute everything I plan 

so I will let you know how everything goes, but privy to the fact that this has 
worked for a few millionaires I know, I think It will work just fine.   

In other news I think I'm done with the whole 
needing to project my Anima[look up Carl Jungs theory about this]
Or for survivals sake she has decided that now is not the time. 
Honestly I don't care anymore. I'm a man 
who has some issues with his self and with his upbringing 
but now that I'm able to think about it more clearly.Or rather 
not obsess about it I think I'll be okay.

I think it had allot to do with looking in the mirror.
It would be silly for me to go about fully cross dressed. 
I'm a big Man I have big shoulders big hands big feet,
and since I have started working out again 
I have grown to appreciate how I am. 

I wouldn't eradicate my Anima or her little ideas 
nail polish and a few of the tats but I'm definitely not 
looking to be to fem these days.  

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