Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Truth about Happiness

You really want the truth ok Here it is.
It seems that happiness is always a fleeting feeling. Happiness always comes with some outside factor,and after a short while this artificial happiness disappears. Weather this happiness 
comes from a girl or a stack of money or maybe even a can of strawberry soda,after a short while it gone.

So here it is the truth about true happiness.
True happiness comes from within. True happiness isn't affected the game of the world.
You find it within and you build yourself and you cultivate your happiness, so that all the bullshit and all the drama that is not a part of you won't take away from your happiness. 

If you don't believe me read these books

The game of life.
The way of the peaceful warrior
Illusions:the adventures of a reluctant messiah   

THese are the books that have kept me busy I hope you will read them 

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