Saturday, December 29, 2012

Something I observed and decided

I watched a Russian war movie. 
In English it's called purgatory. It a movie about The battle of Grozny 150 motorized rifles .
It's not a pretty movie but in reality it was a very ugly war. 
In the movie there was one scene where
The Russian Commander told a tank 
to grind the bodies of the dead into the earth, so the Chechen wouldn't  
be able to decapitate them and throw the heads back at the soldiers.
The scene was very gruesome, but It gave me an epiphany about life itself.

The Dead soldiers can be likened to bad memories or regrets 
which you could use against yourself. Which could demoralize you, or make 
you harbor hatred or fear. 
So the tank is you casting those memory's out so 
you can continue on your journey without such things.

In all honesty though this scene was very gruesome 
and aside from the sound affects the movie gives a pretty accurate
picture of the war in Chechnya. This is according to the guys who were actually there.

I watched it because my friends in basic told me to.
They served in the armies of Belarus Ukraine and Russia before they came to Israel.
I guess they wanted me to understand the Military from their countries.

Once again who cares about their citizens less 

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