Sunday, December 23, 2012

So I finally Found Gary Johnson(the libertarian candidates) answers to the debate,and other miscellaneous stuff

Well it came a few months late,but I'm glad I found the video.
now anyone who wants to know where I think politics should can watch the video

It still kinda piss's me off that we got a two party show,of course those are the consequences 
of having two party groups of people cutting checks for the media.

I started working out again it feels great.
On Sunday I lift with my Dad Than twice a week 
I do push up's and sit ups. I'm looking to increase these to five days a week.
also I started belly dancing,why you might ask well one it stabilizes the hips,and the spine.
Two I can do It while I'm watching t.v. 
I'm looking to add a yoga routine for the morning.
My Dad told me sun salutation. I used to have qualms about it,but 
I think in the end blessing the sun isn't really such a big deal as Long as you know 
who G-d is. 

This just leaves cardio
I wanna get a membership at a pool, I figure 
all of this together will make me allot more shvelt.
In the end thats what we all want right to be shvelt 

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