Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gun Control and recent events

It seems only in America do we have random acts of violence.
Only in America do we have random nut jobs shooting random people.
I'm not surprised that this happens now that Obama is in office.
In other words since he has been in office there have been more shootings.

Do I drink the cool aid....hell no
I call bullshit I call a false flag operation, I mean why is all this shit happening now?
I don't know but I have an Idea.

I watched the movie the life of David Gale.
Spoiler alert: The asshole faked a wrongful conviction 
so the death penalty would be abolished. 

So here it is maybe these assholes were programed to do this maybe
ol Uncle Sammy is trying to disarm the population. 

I mean that's what I could gather from all the mall,theater,school shootings happening lately.

If I'm wrong prove it If I'm right prove it

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