Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm not that kinda.....whatever and a few questions

Yesterday I was on the L.A. metro blue line.
I was minding my own business sitting in my seat. When someone came and sat in the seat across from mine.
This strange bugger kept staring at me, so I nodded and took out a book hoping he would leave me alone. I figured he was just another one of the nuts who takes the train.

Well my hopes weren't met the guy put his leg against mine. I moved my leg away. 
he did it again I put down my book and said no.
The man apologized and I got back to my book. 
Than at the next station he followed me up the escalator, and on to the next train.
So I got off at the next stop and waited for the next train.

As flattering as these things are it's just not my thing.
I have to say though it was better than that one time in Tel Aviv
I was a young soldier fresh of the base in his Dress uniform, I was at the old central bus station.
A place infamous for prostitution. I was on my way to Shenkin  when this guy 
wanted to buy me a soda and have a chit chat. I saw the lust in his eyes. So when he went into the store 
I booked it full speed with my kit bag on my back. 

Once again flattering but also stomach turning .

I don't know why these guys think I'm something sweet.
I don't know why they always wanna get something from me. 

What i'm really asking is how come woman can't be that bold.
I mean sure I'm an asshole because well I don't have game or whatever 
it takes to convince a girl that i'm the right choice. 
Or maybe it's just a fear of getting into a relationship and than having to come clean about all 
my Anima's secret's. 

I mean if I got with a woman would she feel threatened by my feminine side?
Would she think I'm trying to replace her or would it be just plain old disgust? 
How would I find a girl who would be comfortable with that?
Or how do I make a girl feel comfortable with me. to began with? 

Lot's of questions about that,but no questions about those nasty men trying to 
get it in with me It's just not my thing. It's just not gonna happen hell doesn't get that cold and if it did it's still a no.

Well I'll figure all that out when I get there 
until than I just gotta keep working out and handling my business, cause according to recent 
events that's just really sexy

so until next time paca   

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