Monday, December 17, 2012

No need for theology I'm just jacking technology

Many people have this strange notion 
about I'm right your wrong,and some savior is gonna fall from the sky and make me king.
Namely All the soul paths that were refined from the teachings of Avrahm. 
Well It's funny because I believe everyone is right. 
Sorta like Light is really sound, Or rather G-d spoke and the world came into being.
Cymatics every theology has some teaching alluding to cymatics.
Light and Vibration or rather sound.

Well every Path has it's prayers and meditations 
every path has energy meridians they find in the body, every path has attributions to these.
Weather it be colors sounds emotions or organs of the body.

Me I was born a Jew  I still am a Jew I will die a Jew,but it doesn't stop me from using 
technology which is easier to access. In other words Saints or Tzadikim all seem to be the same,
All saints refrain from the profane all saints work to keep themselves pure 
of negative thoughts and negative actions.
Except that some saints keep their knowledge from the everyman.
For example Kabballah they keep it hid, while The average Jew doesn't get the benefit of 
doing the work he needs to align himself for the journey after earth.
It infuriates me, but because I know there are other technologies  
that work I use them. 

I just feel it's every mans right to obtain a higher way,
and if you keep it from him than you are in bed with death itself.
If you don't like that's too bad because it is what I believe


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