Sunday, September 9, 2012

Election Time

So it's nearly election time

                              It's time for America to pick a President. I understand many people think that 
the popular vote decides the deal, I understand many people are die hard for their party. 
Honestly to me it makes no sense. If your a republican than you want a guy who is really good at hiding his money.   If your a democrat your voting for a guy who sent more soldiers to Afghanistan. 

                          This election should focus solely on domestic policy on promoting Job production,and making America gear itself toward a future with better education and the like. 
I like Obama's stance on moving to another fuel source and going green. I love the idea of cheaper education, but to say by making one percent of the population pay a higher percentage of tax than everyone else seems kind of stupid. Especially if that one percent is the guy who has the resources to open factories  and make jobs. Especially if that one percent is the guy who can invest his money into other people's Ideas and programs. 

                          On the other hand I find Romney hypocritical. He can sit on the podium with a straight face 
and tell America yes Massachusetts can have socialist medicine programs and socialist medical insurance, but the rest of America can't. I also can't stomach how good he is at hiding his money.  

                           I digress both of these guys are politicians and what I have learned about those kind of people is....... you can't trust them, and even though they are supposed to work together for the little people they don't. Instead you have two parties that give give nothing for their supporters. Instead you have two groups of people with money and power fighting with each other to be king of the hill. 
Instead of caring about the man In the street they care about their man in the seat. 

                            I'm just saying if things were right than all these lobbyists wouldn't have a place 
on the hill, All these politicians wouldn't be fighting for absolute control they would be fighting to better America to keep her strong to keep her moving forward. I think this is something the American people should demand from their public servants...or elected leaders however you decide to call them.

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