Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No dice kid

                                                                   Well like most of the things I plan this one was a loss.
It seemed like such a win too, hey how the hell was I supposed to know they forgot to send my gaurd card application to Sacramento. I wasn't and now I'm supposed to go find a Job anywhere I guess because my ace was held in the wrong place.  It kinda pisses me off still though. Maybe the bruja was right.

                                                                    So far I have absolutely nothing just half of things.
My brother said he would teach me to drive well now I reckon sitting at his friends house and watching movies really taught me how to parallel park. I love it people always say sure kid I'll help you out, than when I come to turn in my voucher it's just a no dice kid situation.  

                                                                     I'm so tired of needing other people it seems every time I try to make something or gain some sort of empowerment I get screwed. So here I am again woe is me woe is I or oy vays mir if you prefer it that way.  Well thanks for reading my complaints I'm going to go look for work.




  1. well maybe if the funds where there to do the driving things but know that someone tried to help and and u said u thought u were more comfortable with the way u drive just know the time and funds where there u would have ur class A as well

    someone who loves u no matter

  2. well soon real soon I'll have it, but first I need to find a job because It kills me to live off of the kindness of others sometimes