Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today I conquered the Five

 Last night my brother came over to pick me up.
We spent three hours reminiscing about our child hood together. 
All The acts of delinquency, all the beatings all The good times.
It was great but than it made me miss all the years we were separated.

Than today my brother let me drive his jeep all the way back to Paso on the five.
I'm glad to say I owned that highway today it was the first time I drove on the highway.
It was the first time I drove in traffic without a instructor. Than I got to drive on one the old country roads.
It was beautiful all the majestic oak trees and the vineyards flanking the bends. 

This was a highlight of this last month. 
......But it doesn't justify the fact that my brother confided what I confided with him 
to other people. People who confided it to even more people. 

Well now I guess I have been dragged out of the closet. 
Not that I was really hiding it anyways. I don't know how wearing women's clothes makes someone a "fag".
As far as I understand things, a person is a homosexual 
if he likes to be sexually or romantically involved with other men. 
I tried it a few times but  I can honestly say it's not something I go out looking for.
It's not something I think I would do again.  

But fuck it I guess If these people wanna play smear the queer I'll just play along.
It will make things really interesting when they find out they assumed wrong. 

either way I don't have time to be stopped by other peoples bullshit.
so Soon enough I will be driving a truck and I will have  drivers license. 
Those things will empower me, and they will make it easier to get the affections of  
my rocker girl who is nutritious auspicious delicious.

So until than believe what you want 
I'm just stating it now after this I won't address the issue again.
After this every any damn shit fuck or drops of piss I have won't be wasted on your assumptions. 

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