Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Well aint that some shit/On to better things

                                                              So now I'm one hundred percent certain that the booty bandit was indeed seen twice dressed in drag by the old central bus station. At first I thought it was just a little slander or true lies is actually the truth. Well it seems my dear pathetic friend has also had a hard life and he also has debt trouble. Of course instead of getting a job like normal people he has chosen to be a useless druggie asshole . Now instead of wanting to beat his ass I think it would be better if I prayed for him.  Honestly G-d should have mercy on him for all the suffering he brings his wife. I mean if she knew he was a useless asshole than it's kinda her fault for being with him.

                                                              I have decided that when I see him I will just ignore him unless he tries to get physical. In all honesty I feel stupid for ever thinking that the scrawny little bastard could do anything to me. OK all the time he talks about stabbing people, but fuck him I got a broken electric guitar on standby. If he pulls a knife than I'll chop his ass down with my axe. If he crosses the thresh hold of my room I will chop his ass down with my axe.

                                                           Any how on to better things,
Today I have decided that I'm one hundred percent right for wanting to have a relationship with a beautiful woman instead of being a loner with a pseudo vagina, no offense to the women man enough to change their body's. I think I will be one million percent happy just dressing up and maybe getting a few tattoos and piercings. So now that I have made this realization or rather since I have made this realization. The only thing I have been looking for is a one time hair solution. I Like feeling smooth I like putting on lotion and having soft skin that smells good. I'm sure allot of people out there can understand where I'm coming from.

                                                          I'm sure an evolved woman would be able to love a freakish man or it, if you would rather call me that. I'm working on not giving a damn because well thats how one lives a good fulfilling life. He/she learns to love him/herself and not let outside influences influence how awesome he/she is.
I figure after I get my life Sedered in America I can save up for a hair zapping vacation maybe Asia maybe somewhere in central America I'm thinking surfing beer mangoes fishing and of course maybe a Nice senorita to make me feel special, you know all the stuff I love.


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