Friday, June 15, 2012


                                                                 Hi My birth name is ----------- ,Sometimes or all the time I like to be called and think of myself as Emillie Vanya. I have a problem according to some people. I would like to start out by setting the Record straight. I adore women I love them so much I want to emulate them. I have always been this way. As I have grown I have come to appreciate The man I am too. So now I want to present myself to the world as a woman sometimes, Make up Hair Breasts all that good stuff. Thats how I feel inside I feel like a woman,but I don't want to cut off my genitalia"If I could have a genetic Vagina Than I would go for it" Unfortunately that technology isn't available yet. So I will keep what I know works My Genitalia  I don't want to sleep with men I don't find myself attracted to them physically or emotionally .

                                                                 So Now that we got that out off the way
I will share with whomever reads this my journey.

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