Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Honesty My intentions as far as how far I will go

                                                                              I don't want any surgery, and Hormones are too risky.
I Like to Dress up that's about it my gynocomastia has given me some boobs to work with so I don't really need to bother with boob jobs. My Hips are forty seven inches my chest forty four my waist forty one. I figure a corset or a diet can get me the figure I want. My Butt well Ive overheard some of my customers talking about how big it is at the store.  The closest I have ever to been taking hormones was resperidone for my Adhd which had some nasty side effects"I'll talk about that some other time", and the two weeks I took fenugreek.  Thank G-d I have a normal set of genitalia 5,3/4-6,1/2 inches
standing. It really depends on how hot you can get me and how my body is feeling that day. 

                                                                              The only thing I'm really willing to change about my body is all the damn hair"it's not that much" I don't want a beard, I don't want any body hair. I use veet to melt what I got, but eventually I'm just going to get electrolysis. 

                                                                              If you know  any cool Women who wouldn't mind being with a cross dresser tell them to give me a holler

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