Saturday, June 16, 2012

just a little slander or some true lies

                                                           Last week I was kicking it in my room with some dude,
Ok he may have some drug issues and I may have seen him twice all dragged out hanging out around the old central bus station."That's the low brow vice area"  Everything was cool we were smoking dope and listening to music. Than homeboy went nooping around my computer and saw a few of my sights.

                                                            He goes on youtube starts playing Eminem  on some phobic shit.
Than he says to me your a homo cocksinel"that's a hebrew umbrella word for people with gender issues"
I say yeah and why is it your problem. "If I'm a dude that want's to be a woman or like a woman and be with woman than yes that makes me a homo cocksinel" He looks me in the face lifts up his shirt and says I'm going to fuck you. Me being a person who has read sun tzu let him go without a scratch. The next day I started looking for where he lives, I found it and I found out he is a husband/father on the run, that makes me extra angry.

                                                            So I decide next time I see him I'm going to break his limbs.
I mean does it make me a phobe for not wanting a dude to stick his member in my ass? Ok toys fine but flesh.....never. Anyways he comes back while i'm at work and calls me out. I come back and find out so I call the bastard out now he is hiding. Should I wait till he catches me slipping or should I go down stairs kick in my neighbors door and womp on both of them ?      

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