Sunday, June 24, 2012

dating site for wierdos

                                                                Right this is a crazy deal. . Sometimes I appreciate breasts sometimes I would appreciate them better on my chest what can I say about it other than I feel the same about legs hips butt's all That goodstuff. It's how I am it's how Ive always been.  It just seems that out here in this planet there is no one who is compatible. I could search and I could pray for an attractive woman who is very open minded.                             

                                           However it seems all those women like to hide themselves away. To further add to my problems my poor repressed Anima wan't a bunch of piercings and tattoos a butterfly on my back bows on he backs of my thighs and a flowers an hearts on my pelvis and hips.

                                                                I think maybe a matchmaker or Dating site for wierd people
would be choice. Unfortunately Society has decided that there is no place for the people in between to be themselves openly without derision. So now Me like all other people in between  are stuck with an extra challenge,when it comes to finding the bits that fit. rather when tasked with living a dignified and fulfilling life .  Some of society says It G-d that tells them to act like a bunch of phobes. Some say it's nature."which has the tendency to fuck up or make things abnormal sometimes"  

                                                               Honestly Ive thought about how to overcome this.
They say money doesn't fix everything but it sure as hell helps make allot of things easier. I think my solution
is pretty damn clear Drive a truck. To make money and marry an Indian or Thai  woman who has never had shit. Than I can build a house and plant a mango tree in Thailand or India,and for a few months out of the year This woman can feign her love for me. I see that as the only way to get what I want. Of course I would have to convince her to convert to Judaism too.

                                                            Or I can stick it out the hard way and see where I get.
Which way would you choose?


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