Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The mangoes in my dream

                                                                            The other morning I had a dream about mangoes
Mangoes are my favorite fruit. there is two kinds the small ones that are tight and the big ones that are a little over ripe. Those big ones are always juicy. Funny thing about me I like to eat it with skin even though it gets me all sticky. I wish I could just have a mangoes tree in a backyard with a nice hammock. I would probably eat mangoes every day than till my stomach hurt.

                                                                            I wish my life could be sweet and juicy like a mango.
If everything would just fall into place it would be lovely. If everyday I could wake up in the morning and go play in the waves on the beach. If everyday I could paint my nails and wear cute dresses and sandals if I felt like it, and work from an office at home ,or a taco stand on the beach. That would be choice. Every evening to just lay in a hammock with one beautiful girl."I only want one woman in my life" We could kiss and cuddle and look at the stars.  Just to know that she will be there and that she loves me.
                                                                           Unfortunately My life isn't all mangoes I guess if I want the fruit I got to plant the tree. so I could get a sweet harvest I just gotta remove the chains the government put on my life.



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