Wednesday, September 11, 2013

working the graveyard shift all alone....

So here it is my dear friends Emma Lee vanya 
is Now Lee The security guard. most nights bored out of her wits.
Walking through big empty industrial buildings looking for ghosts .

once upon a time in the fair Town of San Miguel lived 
a Man with a sack of gold and a big mouth......unfortunately
He told a few people with no gold about his big sack of gold.
So They murdered him and everyone else on his property and ran off 
with his gold.

Well that Family has been haunting the town ever since.
 Really though it makes me wonder 
because I have thought about a woman in a white dress....
specifically when I was walking alongside one of the 
buildings for the winery 
Of course I got the feeling she liked me 
though I wonder how she would like EmmaLee  
If she showed up

Would a ghost hate me and all my craziness?
I don't know but it would be cool to have a ghost as a friend.

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