Monday, September 16, 2013

Yom Kippur and music and other stuff

I've really been listening to this album a lot on my ipod
"yes I finally got an Ipod thanks To my moms ex girlfriend" She even gave me a really cool blanket.

It really makes the ambiance of my life come together now.
Driving home after a graveyard shift  I think the sound is perfect for winter. 
I think it would be a great soundtrack to a bedroom romp as well.

Right after yom kippur I got a good sign I was guarding a party.
When it was time to leave I found a pair of panties under my windshield wiper
The only thing of note I really did was bust some hopak"cossack dancing "
I think it's a sign that G-d or some chick has interesting plans for me this year.

Who knows maybe fried fish and champagne
Maybe a spring fling.

Being that the Jewish new year has passed. I have to make a bucket list of things to do this year.
There is always the usual stuff you know:
quit smoking
Lose weight
make more money
learn something 
then of course there are my usuals
lose weight
find a pair of heels or boots not meant for strippers or drag shows
"big feet big problem"

The truth is my only disappointment from this 
new year was not being able to find the Rabbi or the synagogue.
After looking for them both for about a good four hours, it made me ponder about some things
here is what i believe to be the best of what I gathered
"The Rabbis have everyone hyped up on this third temple.
Where as I understand we have it pretty awesome today.
There is no conduit no cohanim no animals.
All the services of the beit hamikdash are done in the heart they are done in the mind.
It's uncut connection 
through prayer and meditation every Jew can be the Cohan Gadol  
Every Jew can offer incense bread and animal to G-d"
But I did fast so I think i'm good 
In the end It's all the same i'm still just hoping for acceptance,friendship,romance,Fortune,mazol,
and maybe those shoes,and a vagina 

well Until next time paca my friends paca

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