Thursday, September 12, 2013

I was high yellow until......

My Mom got a job as a inhome care taker.
Her client is a double amputee half paralyzed by a stroke.
Her client worked her whole life to raise her son all by her lonesome.
Her client spent nearly twenty years living in the same house.

Her clients landlord is a real gem
leaking pipes not their problem. Broken heater not their problem.
Black mold not their problem. Wiring flaws not their problem.

Now my mom in many ways is like That clint Eastwood character,
she see's a problem she see's the weak and the sick being messed with, so
she does the right thing no matter what happens
here are a few examples:
Drug dealers training a dog to be vicious, she steals the dog
and then me and my brother become targets.
The union at work is ripping everybody off, she makes some noise and gets put in searchlight
Her company is trying to screw someone out of their pension, She testified in court on his behalf
and lost her job.

Now back to the landlord. My mom starts barking up the tree for repairs.
So the landlord calls their lawyer and start filing false complaints to intimidate us .
Me and my brother turn into drug dealers and my brother is now my moms black boyfriend.
Next thing you know the cops barge in and do a welfare check on the client, not only do they check the client they disrespect my mother.
Next One afternoon I have a patrol car following me around.

So my mom calls her Lawyer 
who states in his letter A______ has two 
sons they are both african American and one of them is a veteran and works as a security guard.
Of course besides for my hair and some of my facial features i'm as white as the next guy.
Though my brother he's dark like Wesley snipes.
"in lawyer language this means give me a harassment suit I dare you punk"

Well now the force knows one of my secrets. I really hope my doppelganger doesn't go 
and commit a bunch of crimes because if he does guess who the cops will
come after first.

It just saddens me. This is my perception of how justice works
The guy who can hire the lawyer that plays golf with the judge always wins. 

As for me I guess i'm a three course meal 
for these assholes A black Jewish Trans-Thingy 

well until next time paca kroshka paca 

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