Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What does it mean when a girl says your adorable.

So yesterday I drove my mom's boyfriend to court.
It was a very long and boring process. Nothing like what I saw on the media.
There's no arguments no testimony no gavel. Just a big bore fest.

After that we went to see J____'s cousin.
I'm not gonna lie She's hot pretty damn close to a ten, and she has a very kind bubbling personality.
We sat there last night getting buzzed spinning yarns about our childhoods.
So here it is I'm so adorable. Now there is a search going on they want to find a girlfriend 
for me. Well crazy old me I love the idea. The truth is my very active labido has been leading me to some interesting actions. Some days I'm like an A 10 going on one hell of a run. Thats specifically when I have a wing man. Thats when i'm cool. Hell on those days even the guys"gay ones" wanna chat with me.
Of course I don't really have gaydar so I don't know until someone points it out to me most times.

Other days i'm in ninja mode don't look at me don't speak to me,
I don't exist. 

Here's my problem I really have a fear of intimacy.
It could be related to some peoples parenting methods, here are some of the mantras from my childhood:
If a girl says no it means no or else you will go to prison.
If you ever get a girl pregnant and leave her I will puncture your lungs and drop you in a lake.
Your grandpa had a big dick I don't know what happened to you and your father.
you don't touch a girl unless she says yes or you will get in trouble,

Of course all that happened before I ever had any religious stigma.
The whole if you spill your seed G-d will cut you down
and everything else that goes with it.

And here is my favorite Just thinking of him makes me want to barth.

That last one was in the third person it was from the first courtship I tried in middle school.
I thought I was doing well but I guess appearances were more important than actual likes.

As far as my member goes it's a nice average size of 6 3/4 inches  when standing
so it's not allot but i'm sure it could get the job done. I'm a grower not a shower

Though lately allot of older women have been after this dick.
I wanna give it to em but I'm afraid, and I really don't know how to work through it now.

So yes I may be adorable but i'm also very troubled and I have no clue on how to 
unlearn all this dysfunction and figure out a way to enjoy this part of my life. 

So maybe one day I'll find it maybe some of you can make suggestions 

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