Sunday, February 10, 2013

Every night I burn

Well Today I was trawling the web, looking for answers,
looking for people to talk too. About my lovely condition, you know autogynephilia.
The burden that leaves many questions that can't be answered by words.
Today I happened to be trawling for a treatment or a cure,
because honestly sometimes things can be bleak or depressing.
Sometimes people will do destructive things to try to escape 
the dark parts of their reality.

Anyways I came across a study about 
Gender dysphoria  and military service, or how some men will do 
hyper masculine things to compensate for their over active Anima."feminine side"
Here is a link

I can honestly say I have been there.
Shit I rather would've been a dead hero a dead man, than a living queen or freak, 
or how ever you would call it.
either way it seems I'm developing right on time according to the diagram in 
the study. 

Its just a shame I still feel alienation.
I guess that's just a part of living a half life
or being locked in with your emotions.

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