Monday, February 18, 2013

Is it hot in here?"the fog comes again"

Okay Syria is destroying itself,
So now we have Sunni and Shiite groups in play. After The whole sectarian thing, we have 
NATO arming and supporting the rebels, and Russia,china and Iran supporting Assad. 
Oh and now we have Russian heavy bombers doing exercises near Guam,
and of course Iran and north Korea's alliance, which put a monkey 120 kilometers into orbit,
and North Korea's successful nuke test.  

Damn is it getting hot in here or what?

I have some major problems with Iran having the technology for an I.C.B.M. 
one of the main problems is this whole 12th Mahdi business.Hear is a link
Basically it's the belief that the last Imam will return and make the whole world Muslim,
Your typical Abrahamic faith prophecy.

As we all know Iran is a very religious place, especially the leadership of the country.
So who's to say they won't get hyped up on the "prophecy" and push the button.

Basically times are strange and I wanna get the f outta dodge,
I reckon space is the place baby 
well until next time paca


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