Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lets all team up against him so we won't be divided

OK here is how it is 
Some family's are so fucked up that they need to manufacture a bad guy
so everyone will rally around  the flag.
Some families can't function without a bad guy or a boogeyman .
Sometimes it's a grandparent, sometimes it's a brother or a sister, the main point is 
that there is always a selected bad guy.

So now I'm two for two , my mom and my brother never pick up the phone,
 and the cousins I stayed with chose me.
Well when I'm gone or I stop trying to be a part of their lives who will be the next bad guy?
Well my cousins took in a new person,and my mom and my brother are good at manufacturing 
the bad guy It could be my mom's boyfriend it could be any other poor schmuck.

Honestly take a look at yourselves and your family dynamics and see if you fit too.

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