Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Right an epiphany at work today

For the past three days people have been acting cold towards old 
Emma Lee. I guess it started the morning some shitbird I'm privileged to know.
I'm serious about the shitbird part really it's not a privilege. 
This little fucker is a manipulative vampire who lives to gossip and put people down.
If your this fuckers friend he will try it on you.

Anyway I got off topic 
I had a dream to be a warrior in The Israeli military,instead I got to be in the rabbinical corps.
It really shook my confidence, well my dear vampire friend decided to open the wound 
and rub salt in it. He contacted me on Facebook to tell me the army is treating him better than me. 
In short I bought into it and it really fucked up my week.

I tried to explain all this negativity that boiled up into my system 
but I couldn't express the emotions with words or the guy I was talking too just didn't understand it.
So now I have another scar because a few people I look up to give me the silent treatment now.
Well I learned I got to take the lesson and walk away.

whats the lesson 
You gotta pick who will and who won't affect you,and it takes more than just 
saying ok I'm letting go all of the shit from the past in order to be free today.
I don't know exactly how to let it go but I know I have to find a way.

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