Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fallen pilots and other news

Today started out as a downer.
I checked the news and read about a chopper crash, and two widowed families. As an airman it affects me  
too. Nobody likes to see their team take such a hit. Sadly that's just one of the costs of war.
We lose people even in routine exercises.
I know right now their are a bunch of people in a flight group pretty well shook.
It's a hard feeling to have"did I do my job right, Did they go down because of something I did or didn't do"
After that there is the other pilots who formed a brotherhood with these two guys, mourning the loss of a friend. After that there is the Flight commander who has to ask what if? The what if's go on for a while,
but in the end The flight commander also lost a friend,brother,son.
Than who comes before all those guys the families.
The wives who let their husbands give the best of themselves so everyone could be safe.
The families who lived with the anxiety of watching their guy be there for everyone else.
The families who watched their guy go off to battle.
The families who stood behind their man. 

In the end these guys gave the best of themselves 
and all we can say is thank you.

Too all my fallen soldiers Thank you 
every time I'm in Israel and I feel safe It's because of people like you 
who gave all for everybody else 

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