Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"your that mad at me?" You G-d damn better believe it

I was on the train today minding my business looking at all the graffiti.
I looked over my shoulder and turned back to my business.
Some over sensitive gump tried to get on my case.
I told him he was tripping and got back to my business

Well hot damn here it is
I don't like seeing kids running for there lives cause some fuck up robbed the 99 cent store.
I don't like hearing about twelve year olds getting gunned down in front of their house.
I don't like hearing about the times me and my mom slept  inside a bath tub because of drive bys.
I don't like remembering the bodies lined up on the side walk
I don't like people claiming they represent and protect a neighborhood when they destroy it.
I don't like gang bangers, I don't like politicians, I don't like people deciding how I should,
or what I should,or where I should.

I'll think and believe what I want, I'll associate with who I want, I'll wear what I want.
If you got a problem with it go to another country, cause America just aint the place for you.

On some treal shit 

Fuck a welfare state where papa Sam will take care of you from the cradle to the grave
I need uncle sam to protect me and pave my roads, I need Uncle sam
to help people empower themselves. I need uncle Sam to figure out what works and what doesn't.
Educate yourself read a history book and recognize the patterns in time 
that keep happening and try something new.

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