Tuesday, March 19, 2013

They caught me listening to Rush Limbaugh"crunchy mussar"

I wanna start this post with a 
big fuck you to all you dematards who don't like people who decide to get themselves informed before making a decision. Two i wanna give a bigger fuck you to those people at the voter registration place on Atlantic ave in bixby knolls who lied to me and told me it was too late to register. 
Just because you figured i wasn't gonna vote for Obama. 
Your right I was gonna vote libertarian.

You fucks sit and bitch and wine about I.d. requirements to vote ,
Than when I come through you lie to me because i'm voting for the wrong guy....fuck you.
Don't front like you represent freedom, you represent power hunger.
You talk about freedom and liberation yet you empower no one with your bullshit.
Instead you keep your voting blocks dependent you keep your voting blocks 
from becoming empowered. Your great guilt driven ideal of European socialism doesn't work,
my case and point Portugal, Spain, Ireland,Italy,Greece, Cyprus,.

Furthermore having your gumptards followers hating on me for exercising my freedoms of
Information thought speech only makes me hate you more.

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