Friday, March 15, 2013

aim lower kid

Well today I got another part of a rude awakening.
This is not the economy to dream with.
Some socioeconomic classes of people can't afford to chase dreams.
and some environments are so toxic they prohibit dreams.

Some people are dealt the cards of peasants.
Peasants don't dream and they don't own they get "taken care of"
They work they grow old they die.
They don't have time to dream they don't have any passion except for survival.

I am a peasant I had a few dreams I chased but they were all for nothing.
so now I jut want to survive. Now I go for the stable job that pays the most,
and I resign my life to almost enough is fine as long as I have cable and coca cola.

What can I say other than one man can angry at the system
One man can say he's tired of being played with by the fuckers up top.
but in the end if he's alone than no one will hear him.

This is reality this is how society has been engineered
this is what has worked, so now I have to except this shit
just like all the other shit I have to deal with
weather it's relatives saying you can eat here to save money, but than lock the door 
and ask me hey where has all your money gone?

Really I'm just pissed off, I'm tired of being played 
I'm tired of having to smile and say thank you when every thing isn't just cherry 
 I'm tired of people condescending on me or putting evil eyes on me every time I try to do something.
I'm tired of people taking liberties with my privacy.
Weather it's governments employers or family members.

"me smiling" thank you all your two faced bullshit has done enough damage

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