Monday, May 6, 2013

A little derision with your coffee sir

I am tired 
I hold my tongue and swallow bullshit because I am tired.
Every meal we share every party we go to, every car we ride in.
I am tired 

How many of you know the story of Cinderella.
The child from a bad home situation gets a little hellp
from hr family. Of course this hellp comes at the price of her dignity.
So it seems so today in my case.
Every time I open my mouth at the table 
I get a dirty look or I get talked over.
Or someone will bring up an embarrassing event.
from my life.

Than after all this I have to act like everything is cool.
So I swallow my pride.
When I talk to an engineer about 3d organ printers, I'm out of place.
When I question the Rabbinical authority caught in scandal My past get's scrutinized.
When I tell a story from my Service in the Military I get shut down.

This is bat twenty one.
I had my own exit strategy, but I put it on hold so I could help out my mom and my brother.
So now I wait because they have to wait, and sit and take shit from my cousins 
and I get to play the head games others design for me.

All this from people who swear they live by the rules of the holy books.
They really just commit necrophilia 
because If I qoute a Great Rabbi he will highlight 
how if you don't follow the ethical teachings than you missed the whole point.
"Whats hateful to yourself don't do to others everything else is just commentary"
I relish the day when My brother will come to where I'm at
and I can make a graceful exit.
My only question is 
Until when

well until next time paca bitches paca 

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