Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fixing family dynamics"I can only meet you half way"

Hello my dear friends 
Lately my policy of building bridges and mending broken homes is working well.
Really though it's all a matter of all the parties involved being open and being receptive.
Last Sunday My Dad and one of his estranged cousins decided to meet up.
It had been years since they have seen each other. Honestly though 
I had nothing to do with it it was just them deciding to let the water run over until all was clear.

My Mom and my brother were recently cast into a crisis.
I reckon I  got the chance to not feel like the guy/girl who ran off and left everyone.
I reached out into my network and got help for them.
Than we came together with a plan to get everyone back on their feet.

Me and my brother will hit the road together.
My mom will move across the grade to hold down a home base and get back into the job market.

What touched me though was a phone call
where my mom opened up and started to question why she let her abandonment issues 
affects how she relates to other people. So now I see progress all around.

Everyone except my brother 
He is still angry, My main concern is his weight.
Weight isn't just food often times there are emotions that go with it
\Issues that need to be resolved before the fat can melt away. 

So here I have another opportunity 
to release some of my demons and help my brother.
I guess I will lead by example.
Audio books healthy eating and exercising If he see's me doing this I'm sure he will 
This is what has been playing in my life lately 

I hope to report again soon with more good news until than 
paca kroshka 

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