Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trance music, driving, Batting Cages and Cute lil Gothic chicks that work at seven eleven

That's all stuff I love 
Trance makes me more focused more and more energized.
Driving cars makes me feel liberated.
Batting cages help me release anger and tension.
Cute lil Gothic chicks who get that old familiar feeling when I spit game makes me feel 
more confident. 

Yesterday I actually purchased an N.L.P. mp3 to get over my phobias and angst.
I left it on repeat all night last night and today I was more outgoing more confident.
I think there will be a Resurrection or rather a release of the person who got locked inside by his/her damage 

what makes this greater is all the wisdom I obtained 
in my search for the key in my lurking in the shadows 
Fuck it lets say the phoenix has risen 
and the phoenix is cock diesel 

until next time 
Paca bitches Paca

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