Friday, January 18, 2013

Damn everyone is trippin

Ok my Mom and my brother are mad at me.
I chalk it up to me being insensitive, and a lack of communication.
I feel bad for pissing them off. 

Today I was on my way to lunch, when some guy walked on our green light.
So when we passed his crazy ass"he was wearing a jacket in this weather"
I asked him"Irish accent" what the fuck are ya doing"
he turned around and screamed a very emotional fuck you.
Well fuck him I don't give a good G-d damn about his feelings that sum of a bitch
went and stole two minutes from my life. 

This made me realize though I don't have to be lil miss sweat hart all the time.
I realized SOMETIMES it's OK to be a bitch.
So if you go and start messing with me and my peace, and I hurt your feelings just
remember you provoked one of those times. 

and to all my crazy friends, you need to be aware of other people.
I don't care if you wear a jacket and it's hot outside that's fine
just don't go being a selfish dick and expect everyone to be OK with it.

until next time paca

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