Thursday, January 24, 2013

pilonidal purgatory

Pilonidal cyst's aren't fun.
It's a genetic condition a cyst on the tailbone brought on because of ingrown hairs.
If it gets inflamed it puts a bunch of pressure on the cleft of your butt.
Eventually it bursts and you get a smelly mixture of blood and pus
leaking out of your body.  

The last time I had it I didn't know what it was. I 
laid in my cousins house bleeding all over my clothes and crying.
well damn it here it is again. and here I am again, though this time the doctors gave me some nice hydrocodone to keep me high,though not dry.
If your lucky you might get to catch me moaning in pain.

My only question is why me. Why does this happen to me.
The only benefit besides the drugs is now i have an excuse for the bottle of nair 
in my room.

well until next time paca

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