Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hand writing analysis

Well I finally got it done.
I went and got a hand writing analysis. according to the doctor 
I'm very lonely very damaged, I have a hard time dealing with other people...
as far as trust and stress goes.

Apparently I'm allergic to sugar basically I need to go vegetarian, with fish.
I also need to sleep more otherwise I get crazy. 
According to the doc I'm very intelligent and very talented.
According to the doc I have allot of depth.
I need to be around nature as well. 

He said I could be a writer or a landscape architect.
though apparently I dress like a slob, and I give off negative vibes.

Well back in good old Paso Robles"land of rolling hills dotted with majestic oaks, and 
phenomenal vineyards, the way I talk and dress is normal back there i'm just one of the simple hill folk.
Rather I'm like any other thug-billy.
In Paso people take what I give they don't expect me to change into a different person.
They love and respect who I am.

This is one of the billion times a Jewish person has told me I have shmuttz on my soul.
This is the billionth time the way I talk, like a cowboy or a nigger isn't so 
pa shut for all the irvings"stereotypical jews" out there.
Apparently it's just not mensch like.

well Yiddish was never thought of as mensch like 
and wearing cloths styled after what they wore in eastern Europe 
100 years ago is far from mensch like.
That's one.

For a people that believe in a collective soul
which was scattered across the globe,
you would figure they would be more excepting of their brothers, 
But alas look at me I refuse to assimilate 
their will be no Borg take over, 
there will be no losing myself,
only bettering myself. 

So I will dress better when the money comes 
and I will diet and sleep and exercise.
But the jet fighting cowgirl will never die 
because that's who I am that's what G-d made

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