Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I need more wine"wine tasting with Emillie Vanya in drab"

OK So there i was at the Solomon Society.
The Solomon society is an up and coming Jewish fraternity.
You might know the scene a bunch of men getting away from their wives.
Shmoozing and boozing and cutting themselves back room deals.

Enter Emillie Vanya, well i'm just a sweet transthingy 
stuck in drab" I can't stop feeling like a woman I don't know why, i guess it's because sometimes G-d can have a cruel sense of humor".

Well I'm there tasting wine and working the crowd.
Unfortunately  I don't have such a good name, maybe it's because i'm not religious. 
Maybe it's because I don't watch football every weekend. 
Maybe it's because.....who cares I got bad vibes, but I also got good info.
Like a two year plan for aviation mechanics, and than a national guard
membership for more school and free medical. 
Well now i'm back home drinking my coconut water to, 
re hydrate and kill the hang over.
Scouts motto always be prepared.

Oh and of course the wine 
tonight's gem
Mauritson 2008 cabernet sauvignon, Sonoma County
honestly the wine had an edge of a forest, when I say edge 
I mean "the hints"
Imagine a nice ride through a road through a forest at night.
well that's what my tongue felt 
So if you ever wanna ride me bring a bottle of this and 
we can do whatever you wan't kroshka.

For my Kosher people
You have not been forgotten 
Goose Bay Pinot Noir 
This was light and sweet in a dry way you know fruity notes
This wine gave me the feeling of 
spring in Tel Aviv
for those of you that don't know Tel Aviv is my happy place.

well until next time paca

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